How to Use BHIM App Android, IOS & Windows कैसे use करे। in Hindi

By | July 11, 2017

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This is a kind of mobile Application which is officially developed and released by the government of India. The main motto for releasing this mobile Application is to develop the digital payments of the people & learn how to use BHIM App. This helps users to send and receive money based on their bank accounts. To use this mobile App go to play store, download the App and install it.

How to use Bhim App

How to Use BHIM App: Step by Step Procedure

For what type of transactions we can use this App?

There are so many uses of Bhim app so please download the BHIM app form play store & support cashless India Payment. People can use this BHIM App for sending money using two methods.

BHIM App use

BHIM App Use-1: Send money(पैसे भेजने के लिए)

Method-1: The first method is to register their phone number. Users can send money using this phone number or payment address. One thing to ensure is the user has to registered with UPI to understand How to use BHIM App.

Method-2:The second method is by entering the name of the recipient, their account number and bank’s IFSC code or MMID code.

BHIM App Use-2: Request money(पैसे उधार मांगने के लिए )

Users can also use Bhim mobile App for requesting money from some others. This can be done by either using your mobile number or payment address. Or by generating a QR code for the particular amount.

Once user transaction is completed successfully, user would see a success message or status on the screen of this BHIM App. Similarly, users will also receive an SMS fro the particular bank. But some times, receiving this message takes a little bit time so first know how to use BHIM. users can confirm about their payment through the confirmation status which Appears on the screen of BHIM App.

BHIM App Use-3: Receive Money (पैसे मंगवाने के लिए)

  • This mobile Bhip Application can be used to make several kinds of transactions.
  • Use of Bhim includes send and receives money through mobile number or payment address, send money to Aadhaar number, send or request money to mobile number.
  • Send money through MMID, mobile number, send money through IFSC code, account number and can use the scan and pay option for merchant payments by Bhip App.

Video Guide: How to Use BHIM App

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