How to Send/Transfer Money Using BHIM App? भीम ऐप्प से पैसे कैसे भेजे

By | September 14, 2017

How to Send Money Using BHIM App on Andriod, windows & IOS/Apple, BHIM App Money sending process, for Hindi users “Bhim app se paise kse bheje”, भीम ऐप्प से पैसे कैसे भेजे

Now, our country is facing the demonetization. Due to this, the money transaction becomes difficult among people. In order to solve this problem, our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a new application. It is nothing but BHIM(Bharat Interface For Money). It is a UPI payment application which can be used by all kinds of mobile phones. Through BHIM application, people can easily make their money transaction using their bank account like – send money, receive money. Here you can learn “How to send money using BHIM App” for merchant & user in any bank.

BHIM App Send Money

How to Send Money on BHIM App

This will help people to evolve around cashless economy after BHIM App. So, they can step forward to send this kind of money transaction system at global or local areas. The app is only available for the android phone and Bhim app for IOS/iPhone will be released soon.

How to Check Account Balance on BHIM App:

When it comes to use this BHIM Payment application, people should download and install the application into their mobile phone. Also, they have to attach their bank account details and Aadhar card number along with it. if you want to check balance then click on request balance as shown in below image.

Account Balance on BHIM App

How to Transfer Balance on BHIM App:

The Aadhar card number is unique to every person in our country. So, they should enter the 12 digit number in the BHIM application without fail. People may have two or three different bank accounts but in Bhim app you can add only one account at a time.

Transfer Balance on BHIM App

They can also enter all the bank account details. Therefore they can easily make the money transaction by switching various bank accounts as per their needs.

BHIM App Use 

BHIM App Error Solution

How to Send Money in BHIM App using QR Code:

Most people will be trying to send the money using the BHIM payment application. But they may not know the procedure to send the money. They can make use of the below steps while transferring the money to other person.

  • Go to the BHIM app.
  • Select the send option on the main screen.
  • Enter mobile / payment address and verify.
  • Enter the amount which you want to send.
  • Click on “Pay” button.
  • Enter UPI PIN for password.
  • The Money is successfully sent to another person.

Send Money in BHIM App using QR Code

These are the few steps which are used while sending the money from the BHIM Payment app. Using the steps, people can easily transfer their money without cashless nature.

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